Terms and Conditions

  1. The customer has the right to inspect his order while he is in the delivery car without choosing or choosing from among the requests of others; after receiving your order, we are not fully responsible for it; the order and the amounts paid are not refundable.
  1. If the customer wishes not to receive his order, he is required to send a message on WhatsApp listed on the site, stating the reason for not receiving the order, and attaching with it pictures of the products he requested, and after reviewing the message and pictures with an acceptable excuse, the amount will be refunded for the product only, except for payment fees via Kent and delivery charges.
  1. Cases of acceptable excuse

*Measure the quality defect of the product in the following cases:-

  1. The external appearance of the product should show signs of rot such as external juice, change in abnormal color, or emit an unpleasant odor, or the appearance of visible bacteria.
  2. The degree of maturity is at the highest degree of maturity that makes it inedible.
  3. The product is different from what is mentioned in the order.
  1. Note:

The taste of the product in terms of bitterness or the degree of sweetness and acidity is not included in the quality measurement, but it is subject to the issue of different tastes.

  1. The delivery representative will wait for the customer to receive his order for a maximum period of 10 minutes, after which a copy will be sent to the customer to prove the representative’s arrival in front of the address recorded by the customer on our website. Kent fees and delivery fees.
  2. The error in writing the address or mobile number by the customer is the one who bears the consequences and responsibility.
  1. In the event of agreeing to the previous terms and conditions, detailed the terms, this is considered as an acknowledgment by the client of understanding and approving all the seven clauses.

Red Sugar Farm is committed to ensuring quality in every order of its customers.